Monday, December 12, 2016

...and I'm back, almost 6 years later.

Back in May, 2016 I returned to the US Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation. After taking a few months to get settled I've decided to start up this blog again.

So what's changed?

Well, a lot. For one, Blackbaud is a different company. It's larger for sure and for us I think that's a good thing. It means we're part of a bigger, stronger development community. The resources provided by Blackbaud are a far cry from the "SDK" I started with in 2005 that consisted of a zip file w/ some user controls and a word document. We have more APIs to chose from as well as we move into the BBIS/CRM world.

Since Blackbaud has changed I think this blog will need to as well. For one I have changed the name from "customizing NetCommunity" to custom:baud. It's a bit more modern and isn't BBNC specific. The content here will cover many of their APIs and not be limited to a single product. For those that picked up on it, it's also a throwback to the .net web forms roots where this community started.

We're developers and it's always about the code. Whenever possible, I'll provide working code samples on GitHub for anyone to use, freely. But it's also about more than the code. In the world of non-profits where resources are so important, we all wear many hats. You can expect posts on topics like devOps, architecture, testing, CI/CD, automation and more.

I have a few post ideas in the works and you should see more of those in the coming months as Navy finishes up it's CRM conversion.

For now, I'm happy to be back and looking forward to contributing again to this great community.