Tuesday, December 8, 2009

iPhone Support in Blackbaud Enterprise CRM

Below is a short screen cast from Shaun showing off some of the new iPhone support that'll be in the Q1 release of the Blackbaud Enterprise CRM.

I have to say that this, and the prospect of using BBEC & RE in the Cloud, is a great direction for Blackbaud to be moving in and I think it really outlines just how agile the Infinity platform really is.

Anyway, have a look!


Angelica Hintz said...

Interesting software they got here. I suppose this will bring faster and more reliable CRM services to its users. The expanded version of this application sure is something what we, the said app user, will be looking forward too.

Andrea Hicks said...

As of this day, there's an already expanded version of this CRM support. I mean, you do understand that years and years had been passed and I think the developers did a great job in improving. Oh and by the way, apple is just good in providing it's own software for itself here. Kudos to you guys!