Friday, December 12, 2008

NetCommunity Developer Challenge Entries Released

Shaun has posted a few of the top entries from the NetCommunity Developer Challenge. They are all open source. They don't come with support but if you have a problem with any of them post something on the Bus and someone will probably help you out.

You can download my entry here or view them all here.


yellowlabrat said...

Hi Garrett,

I am finally getting a chance to download and install your awesome custom part, and just wanted to ask you if I have all the files in the right place. I have installed the following files in the locations listed, but I am just seeing the Google Map with no events pinned to it. I'm thinking I need to add some of the other dlls that are in the bin folder of your app, but didn't want to install any extraneous ones or replace ones that did not need to be replaced.

Here's what I have already put in:

- EventsToGoogleMapService.dll
- EventsToGoogleMapsCommon.dll

- EventsToGoogleMapDisplay.ascx
- EventsToGoogleMapEditor.ascx

Blackbaud\Raisers Edge WebService\Custom
- EventsToGoogleMapService.dll
- EventsToGoogleMapsCommon.dll

I noticed these in the project folder that I downloaded. Do I need to put them anywhere?

Also, I just copied them straight from the downloaded project folder, but didn't know if I was supposed to recompile the project on my end?

Garrett said...

The MapControl and Errorhandling aren't really specific to the project. I should have removed them before I made the submission.

It looks like you have everything in the right place. Can you start by checking to make sure you have a complete address in the event in RE?
Also look to make sure that in the editor window that the event you selected was successfully geocoded.

let me know!
glad you like the app

yellowlabrat said...

I went back into the app to look at it, and had better luck. I think originally, I had no events pulling back into the Editor Part. I probably just didn't change the dropdown list to have it refresh the part and go grab the data. Silly mistake, but now that I did that, your part is working like a charm! Now, I just need the staff to start entering addresses into the event records! :O)

Thanks again for a great add-on, and all your help.