Friday, December 19, 2008

Blackbaud NetCommunity 5.6 relases soon

Latest blog post and some twitter activity indicates NetCommunity 5.6 might release later today. It's a control release so you'll need to call support to get the download. The download will be available online next week...

From Steve's blog...
Here are just some of the changes you'll see in the release;
  • Ability to enter metadata descriptions and keywords at the Template and Page level
  • Ability to copy Layouts and Stylesheets to quickly reuse or modify site designs
  • Ability to style menus using unordered lists and custom classes
  • Ability to put the Donation, Event Registration, and Payment parts into a "test" mode
  • Ability to print and export Survey part results
  • Ability to compare content performance for testing purposes
And there are some good tweaks and adjustments including:
  • Adding tooltips for every merge field in the product
  • Adding default text for several of the email types and helplets
  • Adding custom tabs within Wave Social Networking
  • Adding group photos and other user contributed photo improvements
Read the full post here from @SMaclaughlin

Friday, December 12, 2008

NetCommunity Developer Challenge Entries Released

Shaun has posted a few of the top entries from the NetCommunity Developer Challenge. They are all open source. They don't come with support but if you have a problem with any of them post something on the Bus and someone will probably help you out.

You can download my entry here or view them all here.