Monday, November 10, 2008

RePost: Rock Your NetCommunity with jQuery

This was posted by Michal Andrews on Labs earlier today.

I'm shamelessly re-posting it in an effort to generate blog traffic off of his work.

Seriously though, it's a good post and jQuery is something that I'm excited to see being used in NetCommunity.

Have a read


David said...

Of course when you are talking about customising the Blackbaud products NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge there is nothing wrong with some gratuitous reposting to get some blog traffic. Although I rarely do it on my blog.

Micah Wittman said...

Michal (there's no way to comment on the blackbaud labs post so putting it here) thank you for the jQuery post. Garret, thanks for pointing to it.

I use javascript (usually with the aid of jQuery) on a NetCommunity site and I just have a caution about name spacing. Since there no contract as to what JS variable and function names will be used in futures BBNC releases/updates (nor CSS class/id names) future-proofing one's customizations is a good idea. Wrapping funcs/vars in an object (like jQuery itself enclosing everything in "jQuery" or the "$" alias) is one approach. A simpler one is the ol' prefix method. bblabsToggleNews() instead of ToggleNews(). Still doesn't promise no namespace collisions, but the probability is much lower.

Anyway, just a minor point for those in the trenches in the wake of BB/NetCommunity embracing jQuery which is a very good thing.