Friday, May 30, 2008

Review: Clemson User Group

I've been at the Clemson User Group put on by Blackbaud and Clemson University for the last two days. Lots of great sessions including two killer presentations by Steve MacLaughlin about Social Networking and NetCommunity 5.5. I am Web 2.0'ed out for the next few days. I say that as I'm blogging which is just ironic. Jim Bush did a presentation on stewardship and another on events. I got to attend the one on stewardship and it was very good. He's an entertaining speaker to say the least. I also got to attend a session by Alan Eager on Scoreboards and reporting. Not normally my area of expertise but I got a lot that I'll be able to bring back to our folks that do that.
I did my own little mini presentation about Google Map Mashups during lunch that I thought was well received. Thanks to Blackbaud and Clemson it was an great event.

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