Friday, April 4, 2008

Goin' Mobile with Blackbaud NetCommunity

Shaun Sullivan and Steve MacLaughlin have recent posts about Blackbaud NetCommunity for mobile devices. Obviously there are some serious advantages to constituents being able to access your NetCommunity website from their mobile devices and you don't need me to tell you what they are.

What I'm going to touch on is the approach Blackbaud took to rolling this out. In the last few months Blackbaud has started releasing custom parts (with no official support) to the public via Labs. Their Social Bookmarking application is one that we have incorporated with some modifications into our site and yes they give you the source code. The mobile custom part however comes with an in-depth and well written white paper that covers everything. This represents a growing level of self-support resources for some of the new stuff Blackbaud is giving away. I hope they keep that approach up.

Check out Labs and have a look. You can learn more about installing custom parts from the Wiki.


Anonymous said...

Can you explain to me what "social bookmarking" is/does? It says on their wiki that you can "use bookmarking services like Digg, Facebook, Yahoo, and more."

What can you do with facebook?


Garrett said...

social bookmarking lets your users post a page they are viewing on your website on their social networking site of choice. In the case of facebook, if i'm on a page on and i think my friends on FaceBook might be interested I can use the social bookmarking tool to post it so my friends can view it.