Wednesday, March 19, 2008 site redesign launch...

We have launched our new website redesign!
This has been a long process between IS, Communications & LMD (Laurel Marketing & Design, our design partners).
The new site has two new features besides an updated look and feel.
  • Social Source - This was an idea we borrowed from Cornell. Allows a user to print, email and share content on Social Networking websites.
  • Classmates Map - This is a home grown mashup between Google Maps, Map Point & BBNC. It is a very sweet feature and allows our alumni to view a Google Map with the markers of all of their classmates and links to their profile. It's our first attempt at real world use of map mash-ups. It will be posted later this afternoon.

Thanks to all of our internal staff that made this possible!

I'm putting together another post here soon so check back!

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