Friday, January 18, 2008

Post I: introduction

I originally intended this blog to be a technical one about customizing Blackbaud's NetCommunity. Blackbaud has however officially released their developer's Wiki and they are doing a lot of similar things that I had intended to cover. That's good though, I think that is a better forum for posting the more technical elements of BBNC customization. More on the Wiki later.

About This Blog
So, what can you expect from this blog? We'll right now I expect this it to compliment much of the work that Blackbaud and it's developers are doing on the Blackbaud Wiki. I think initally I'm going to do that by demonstrating some of the business cases for customizing BBNC but who knows where it will go from there.

About Me
I am from the Annapolis MD area and I am a web developer for the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation. I have been working on BBNC customizations since July of 2006. We have pumped out probably a dozen 'custom parts' for BBNC with varying levels of complexity. We are among the growing number of Blackbaud clients that are customizing NetCommunity to meet their specific and unique needs.

Who is this blog for?
I am a technical person and while I'm not intending this blog to be technical from the stand point that there will be code snippets throughout there will references and discussions about web technologies. So this blog is for a semi-technical person who wants to learn about how customizing BBNC can help your organization's cause. Whatever that may be.

So thats it for the first post. I'm not sure on the frequency of these moving forward but I hope to be able to post something about twice a month. If you are interested in this blog please subscribe to it. If you have any questions or would like me to discuss a particular topic please feel free to contact me.

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